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1. Posting your role


You prepare your candidate and role specification, identify the 'required' and 'desired' competencies and describe the

culture and values of your organisation.

Roles are reviewed by Wilxy recruit before being posted.

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2. Sourcing potential candidates


The Wilxy recruit system intelligently matches the competencies specified in the role with registered individuals. Those that match are invited to apply. Candidates explain why they think they'd be good at the job and why they want to do it. You then review applications as soon as they are submitted.

3. Creating the shortlist


Your recruiting team manages the process using Wilxy recruit's secure, online platform where applications are viewed and ranked. The best candidates are shortlisted and are invited for interview. The platform can even manage rejection emails on your behalf with a single click.

4. Interviewing


Our consultants will Liase with your team to coordinate interview bookings. Interview reports will then be required from your team which allows the Wilxy recruit's system to be up to date on all candidates at all times. Once your position has been filled with one of our candidates we will then raise an invoice and never before.

Choose how we work together


Wilxy recruit can work either with you and your team, a traditional headhunter or an adviser with relevant expertise to support any stage of the process. If your role is confidential you can either post it

anonymously or limit visibility of your role to only a pre-defined set of candidates.

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